The KUG Project requires both Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessments before it can proceed. This is being carried out through a Substituted Environmental Assessment Process that is managed by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office on behalf of both the Province and the Federal Governments. The process is now entering its final stage and completion is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2016.

February 2014 Project Description submitted to the BC Environmental office (BCEAO) and Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA)
April 2014 Determination from BCEAO and CEAA that an Environmental Assessment is required
May 2014 – January 2016 Preparation and finalization of Applicant Information Requirements (Terms of Reference) for what information will be required for the Environmental Application
March - April 2016 Screening of the Draft Environmental Application to ensure compliancy with the Application Information Requirements
May 2016 Submission of Environmental Application
 Q2 - Q4 2016180 day Review of EA by First Nations, Regulators and the Public.  Final Assessment report by BCEAO and CEAA 
Q4 2016 or early 2017 Minister’s decision by both the provincial and federal Ministers of the Environment